Budget Day 2017

There is always an air of anticipation in the Commons on Budget Day and today is no exception. The first task for MP’s wanting a ringside seat is to make sure they reserve a seat with their prayer card when the Chamber opens at 8am – and then attend prayers at 11.30am.

I am not expecting this will be a particularly notable budget. We are approaching mid-term and we already know that the Chancellor is planning to move the budget to the autumn so I have the impression he will look to do only what is necessary this time. Anyway, we will all know in a few hours time.

As expected the House of Lords imposed another amendment to the Brexit Article 50 Bill yesterday, requiring the government to have a meaningful vote before any deal is finalised. An amendment designed to frustrate the process. The government will now seek to persuade the House of Commons to overturn the Lords two amendments. From what I gather this is likely to take place next Monday.

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One thought on “Budget Day 2017

  1. “Persuade” – Hmm. Methinks if you fail, there is no negotiation, the E.U will take 2 years to grant a lousy deal in the knowledge that the wimps will not back a ‘ no deal’ result – call a General Election, you might as well nail the other parties to oblivion, get rid of the SNP (by proposing massive injections of wealth / infrastructure into Scotland), send Mr Corbyn off to Hold peace talks with ISIS (sorry), Mr Farron (who) UKIP no policies.

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