Budget Week 2017

Along with the State Opening and the Queen’s Speech the Budget Statement is one of the big set piece occasions of the Parliamentary year. This Wednesday sees what will be the last Spring Budget as the Chancellor has announced he intends to hold future budgets in the autumn. As ever there has been much speculation as to what will and will not be in the budget; well we will find out soon enough.

The other focus this week will be on the House of Lords and whether their Lordships will decide to amend the Brexit Bill again. I expect they will, probably on the issue of whether their should be a further vote in Parliament after the final deal has been arrived at with the European Union. The government has already made it clear there will be a final vote so the issue will be whether it is.. a ‘meaningful’ vote – whatever that may be. The implication is that some votes do not mean anything.

In the Commons today there will be questions to the Home Secretary and then the Second Reading of the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill.

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3 thoughts on “Budget Week 2017

  1. We cannot just sit back and be sent to sleep until 2020. We must begin challenging events if need be from March this year when leaving the EU officially begins . We have to be vigilant as ever.

  2. I smell a weasel coming! Is the assumption that by the time we get to 2020 we ( the leavers) will have seen sense and will allow those who know better – no our ‘betters’ to vote that we stay in.

  3. Despicable that some gravy train Lardships are more concerned with the plight of foreigners here than our own in Europe as a way of delaying a negotiated deal.

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