Scottish Independence

Despite the fact that the people of Scotland voted as recently as 18th September 2014 by a margin of 55% to 45% to stay as part of the United Kingdom the prospect of holding another referendum is constantly being talked up by the zealots in the Scottish National Party. Independence for Scotland is of course their whole raison d’être. I should also say that despite the fact that at the time Scots were told it was a once in a generation to vote for independence. The Scottish Parliament already has enormous powers devolved to it. They can raise their own resources it they wish although it seems to me they much prefer to argue they are not being given enough by the rest of the United Kingdom.

I am not so sure they really, really want independence. What would be the purpose of the Scottish National Party if they achieved their aim? The majority of Scots realise that they at the moment they have the security of being part of the United Kingdom and yet freedom to make virtually all their own rules. As we leave the European Union it is, I think, inevitable the Scottish Nationalists will demand even more powers be passed to them.

The Prime Minister made an excellent speech to the Scottish Conservatives yesterday dealing with this. The Conservatives are now in second place in Scotland. A long way to go but progress is being made.

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  1. If you are in conversation with M/s Davidson could you suggest that she furthers Scotland getting back into shipbuilding proper (given the end of oil exploration). If Norway can manage it It’s about time Scots on the Clyde had a real reason to be proud. The Tories must be the door for investment from abroad. Then it would be SNP who?

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