Kersal by-election

I guess it might not receive the national attention that the Parliamentary by-elections in Stoke-on-Trent Central and Copeland received last week but I see the Conservatives won a Council by-election last night. It was in Kersal Ward on Salford Council. I can claim no credit but I know several from Bury Conservatives went along to help in the campaign.

I had a long and useful meeting with representatives from the headteachers of Bury Secondary Schools yesterday when I was able to listen first hand to their concerns. I am very grateful to the Heads for attending and I will be ensuring their views are heard at the highest levels in the Department for Education.

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One thought on “Kersal by-election

  1. It is a great surprise that the Conservative Party won a council by-election in Salford.

    Quite fantastic really.

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