Homelessness Reduction Bill

On Friday the  Homelessness Reduction Bill passed its final Commons stages. It is  a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Conservative backbencher Bob Blackman who came second in the ballot for the right to bring in a new piece of legislation.  The bill has government support and  the government have backed it with an announcement it is putting in £61 million of taxpayers money to improve services for those facing homelessness. Inevitably the  problem of homelessness is  linked to the need to build more homes. I agree if there is  demand we need  to build more homes and we need  low cost  homes for those who are dependent on the state. For whatever reason for shelter. I see no contradiction between accepting  this fundamental truth and  arguing we should  not be building on the green belt.  I doubt many of the homeless in towns like Bury  and big cities like Manchester will be able to afford the type of property I envisage developers might have in mind for the green fields if ever they were allowed to build  on our green belt.



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  1. Full agreement with this Bill if somewhat late in the day arriving for the homeless for whatever the reason ..

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