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I thought the meeting between our Prime Minister and President Trump went as well as could be expected yesterday. He seemed pleased the Queen had extended an invitation for him to pay an official State Visit to the UK later in the year.

In addition to surgery I visited Bury Hospice yesterday to get the latest news from there. Obviously, as everyone knows there have been some difficulties at the Hospice in recent times but things are definitely improving and we all need to continue to support the brilliant work all the staff and volunteers do at the Hospice.

It is the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch weekend today and tomorrow and I am planning to take part again.

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5 thoughts on “Bury Hospice visit

  1. He followed up his comments about Princess Di with this about Kate Middleton when he tweeted: “Who would not take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing.” So this is the man the royals are being asked to show respect to on our country’s behalf. A more disgusting person is hard to imagine – for me anyway.

  2. Just to confirm my views about how repulsive Trump is I found this about what he said following the death of Princess Di. Apologies to those with a faint heart – I can hardly bring myself to repeat it but people ought to know what we are dealing with and who has been invited to spend time with our Queen.
    In particular
    Princes William and Harry may not be so keen to meet a man who claimed on a radio interview just a few days after their mother’s death that he could have had sex with her. Howard Stern asked him: “You could have got her right? You could’ve nailed her.” Trump replied: “I think I could have.”
    And we have now sent him a gilt edged invitation too Buckingham Palace and Balmoral and the rest.
    How low can we go seeking trade deals?

  3. Trump may well have been pleased to get an invitation to meet the Queen.
    I suspect Queen Elizabeth’s reaction was somewhat different – and what Prince Philip would say on the matter one can only guess.
    In my view it is a complete and utter disgrace that such a man should receive such an honour – he is a liar and bully, ignorant and bigoted and no one with an ounce of sense would go anywhere near him.
    That our government sees fit to bless him with the highest form of ceremonial reception we can give is disgraceful- and I am certain we will
    Live to regret it.
    I have signed the petition seeking to withdrawing the invitation and invite others to do so. His visit will be accompanied by high demonstrations and rightly so. He has only just started to demonstrate his repulsiveness. By the time of his visit I predict he will be a pariah.

  4. Have always been a supporter of Bury Hospice after personal experience of a loved one being there at the old hospice. The care was wonderful. Although I continue to make a monthly donation, my feelings about the new one are too much money has been spent on fancy stuff when the main thing that is important is the care. I visited somebody there last year and many of the beds were not in use. Are they in use now?

    1. Hi, no but it is certainly the intention of the new team to increase capacity. It is dependent on the level of income the Hospice can achieve. I discussed this specifically yesterday by the way. Thank you for your monthly donation the Hospice are genuinely very grateful for all the donations they get.
      Many thanks

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