Greenbelt Walk

It might be the New Year Bank Holiday but if my alarm does the business I will be up in time to do an interview in the morning on BBC Radio Manchester on the subject of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. Local residents protesting against the plans to allow development on Bury’s Greenbelt are planning to walk from Elton High School to Elton Reservoir starting at 11am in order to raise awareness of what is being planned. Hopefully my interview on BBC Radio Manchester will help raise awareness too!

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5 thoughts on “Greenbelt Walk

  1. Perhaps someone could organise a walk along Manchester Road at about 8.30 in the morning to show just how hellishly congested this town already is. As well as destroying our green spaces, more houses in the borough will mean yet more cars on the roads – both things erode our quality of life. Enough!

  2. I wonder if enough people knew about this before being told by you on the day ?? Hope it is a sizeable group. Bit late do not think going on radio the very day the protest is taking place. Reminds me of the motorists who
    Signal either as they make the manoeuvre or even afterwards. Not much use you will agree

    1. I did not arrange this and it is not up to me how the organisers choose to publicise it. It is up to the radio when they choose to run pieces like this. They booked me for a live interview a few days ago.

  3. Happy new Year. Got it – tried to read the report. Can’t! Words on paper can be measured as to how easy they are to read, this report measures between 12 – 15 or higher than the Wall Street Journal. The Bible/Mark Twain – Shakespeare typically = 6. It’s a verbal fog. However we all understand add 230,000 houses = 500,000 cars and people. It’s gonna get cramped!!

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