European Council Report

M.P.’s return to Westminster for the final time today in 2016. Business will start with questions to the Education Department. Then in accordance with the usual convention after attending a meeting of the European Council (which is attended by all the Heads of Government of the European Union member countries) the Prime Minister will report back to the Commons. Theresa May will make a statement and answer questions. There may then be other urgent business before the main debate which will be on the effect of leaving the European Union on the science sector.

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One thought on “European Council Report

  1. The Prime Ministers report seems, as it was distinctly unilluminating, to imply that the UK will continue to make payments to the EU after Brexit, and that she hopes we remain members of Eurojust and Europol and keep the European arrest warrant.
    Will that still mean that Brexit means Brexit ?
    Just wondering.

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