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For me the one stand out poll finding from the polling highlighted by the BBC as they were waiting for the real results to arrive was that 83% of those polled thought that Donald Trump would deliver change compared with about 13% who thought that Hilary Clinton would deliver change. It does not take a campaigning genius to work out that if enough people who were dissatisfied with the status quo and wanted to see a change turned out to vote the candidate who was most seen as the one likely to deliver change would do quite well.

Whilst the fact that a few states voted for the legalisation of the possession of small amounts of marijuana has received some coverage over here I have not seen very much about the fact that three states – Nebraska,Oklahoma and California held statewide ballots on the death penalty. It was backed in all three. In Nebraska two thirds of voters backed its return after state legislators voted to scrap it last year. Another example of how out of touch some politicians are with what most voters think.

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  1. Thanks – that seems emphatic. But I did think for a minute that your views on the freedom of citizens to do as they choose, no doubt conditioned to minimise harm to our communities, might have made you a supporter of less onerous drug control.
    It costs taxpayers an awful lot, especially in funding our ever overflowing, understaffed, drug ridden prisons and the police efforts needed to put people there. Regulated use could easily do the opposite as another significant source of revenue. Colorado’s tax revenues have burgeoned since cannabis use was legalised, maybe why about 25% of US citizens will now be able to buy it legally soon.
    And our criminal underworld would be a lot smaller place without the huge profits available from the illegal drug market – making generally for a healthy community.
    Quite a few things to think about, and the benefits of less legal control on the use of drugs will I suspect be seen increasingly elsewhere. Canada is moving in the same direction as the USA. Food for thought.

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