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Well. Few people thought Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination. He did. Now he has gone on to confound the pundits and won the White House. Once again the experts called it wrong. No doubt the results will be studied and analysed in the days and weeks ahead but one thing is clear the silent majority who never take to Twitter or sign petitions or make a fuss have had a different view to the political class. I see it all the time in Westminster so many of the political class get caught up with their own interests they forget the views of the majority. This is one reason why I always refuse London engagements outside of Parliament sittings. I think it is important to come back to the constituency. Listen to what voters really think. Not the few people who rush to abuse on Twitter and in emails that is like ‘water off a ducks back’ to me, no the views of the silent majority are what matters. People who spend their time quietly getting on with their lives.

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  1. Your commentary regards the’silent majority’ and I agree with your sentiments. Politicians who are in the Westminster bubble seem to forget that their actions have profound repercussions e.g the thrust for privatising nationalised industries (for good or bad) left a huge hole in employment prospects. The failure was not to then re-organise education to fill the void – these traditional industries trained engineers/plumbers/joiners/electricians/ I.T technicians — dah dee dah. Instead some twit decided that ‘university’ was the catch all answer. Employers then went of to find the electricians/plumbers etc., – ohh all these Europeans are available . What’s frustrating is watching you lot do it!!!

  2. Pleased to hear it. I just felt that the phrase ‘water off a duck’s back’ implied you ignored those who held different views from yours.

      1. Still working? Impressive!
        While we’re discussing issues on which you and I don’t agree, I hope that, even as a non-believer in Fairtrade, you will still be pleased to learn that, thanks to many of your constituents working hard for a more ethical world, Bury has retained its status as a Fairtrade Town. A message of support from you would be most welcome.

      2. Hi,

        Yes I have seen this email and I nearly got through to it today. Will reply tomorrow with a message you can use. I am all in favour of free trade and that includes the freedom for people to pay over the market price (which essentially is what ‘fair trade’ is if it means anything)!

        Kind regards,

  3. Interesting thoughts, David. They could imply that you ignore the views of constituents who hold views different from your own. I trust this is not the case. I’m sure you agree that open and respectful debate lies at the heart of our democracy.

  4. So some peoples views are not important? Vile as some are we still have the tenant of free speech.

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