Tens of millions of Americans go to the polls today to elect the 45th President of the United States after one of the most acrimonious campaigns I can remember. of course many millions have already voted in ‘early voting’ as the Americans call it.
On the face of it the more experienced Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton should win if only on the basis of having a better organised campaign on the ground. The polls and the betting markets both point to a convincing Clinton win. I can not say I have been impressed by either candidate and I do wonder whether these are the really the best two candidates a nation of 300 million people can find!

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4 thoughts on “POTUS 45

  1. Its not much different here – in fact its worse.
    All over the world people are looking at our politicians with despair.
    Nigel Farage in the European Parliament was an utter disgrace. Others filibuster in parliament.
    A great nation turned into a farce. And it will go on and on for years. Very sadly my grand-daughter will have to live through it all.

    1. Just one point for the record it is not possible to ‘filibuster’ in our Parliament. Speeches must be relevant to the subject and it is open to the opposition to move to close a speech, or indeed an entire debate.

      1. I don’d like to be pedantic – but seeing as you raised it.
        The OED definition of ‘filibuster’ is ‘An action such as prolonged speaking which obstructs progress in a legislative assembly in a way that does not technically contravene the required procedures’.
        Which is exactly what you said was not possible in Parliament.
        Furthermore the UK.Parliament website helpfully explains that a ‘filibuster’ ‘to deliberately waste time during a debate by making overlong speeches or raising unnecessary procedural points. In this way a Bill or a motion may be ‘talked out’: stopped from making progress within the time allowed’.
        But then perhaps I have missed the point in our arcane parliamentary processes.
        And in a common sense way most people, like an elephant, know what a ‘filibuster’ is when they see it.

  2. Yes, strange that only two in the entire country are in the running.
    Trump is the best of two poor choices. One with good principles at the heart of his campaign, the other for global power and profit and this is a Democrat ??

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