PM’s visit to India

There will in my view be many benefits arising from our departure from the shackles of the European Union and one is that we will have the freedom to negotiate our own trade deals with growing economies around the World. In order to foster improved ties with India the Prime Minister along with Dr Liam Fox the Secretary of State for International Trade is Visiting India. Alongside them are representatives from 33 British businesses. Whilst I want Britain to improve trade links with India I also want to see an end to the dispute over the right of self-determination of Kashmir and of immediate concern an end to the increase in violence in Indian administered Kashmir. Along with other members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir I wrote to the Prime Minister Theresa May ahead of her visit urging her to raise the issue of Kashmir and in particular the human rights violations during her meeting with Prime Minister Modi.

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3 thoughts on “PM’s visit to India

  1. Been my pleasure to have three consistent frequent interactions with Indian/Kashmir ‘immigrants’ – I hesitate with the commas. They have always struck me as truly integrated into our culture whilst proud of their and our heritages.

  2. Lots of countries in the world seek to trade with India – and they can pick and choose.
    It seems from todays reports that we have done ourselves no favours when seeking to enhance our trading relationship by reducing the availability of visas for Indians who wish to study at our currently world class universities.
    Would you be in favour of having more Indian students (classed as immigration) in the UK – as a quid pro quo in the negotiations about a trade agreement ?
    And if so what impact would this have on the governments target to get net immigration below 100000 per annum ?
    I worry that our trading opportunities will be restricted – and our proud history as a trading nation compromised.

  3. The words written here are reassuring and heart warming. However At this point in time this could easily be plain “window dressing” about preparing for Brexit. As a eurosceptic Mr Nuttall I would hope either in the Commons or even discreetly that you respectfully inform the PM that this is a point in our history where we stopped accepting lies and betrayals. There will be anger on the streets rather than letters to the “Times” this time around. Even retribution.

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