Brexit delayed?

The result of the High Court yesterday that the applicants should be allowed permission To have a Judicial Review of the government ‘s decision on how they plan to serve the Article 50 Notice and that the government should seek Parliament’s approval was in my view wrong. Parliament only derives its sovereignty from the people. It is the people who are sovereign. The phrase that Parliament is sovereign arises because MP’s are elected by the people in a general election. In this particular case of leaving the EU the government specifically had the consent of the British people to hold a referendum on whether we should leave the European Union. There is no need for Parliament to express a view on this issue on behalf of the people of the Company because the people of this Country have already expressed their view in the referendum. Anyway, as I thought it now looks highly likely the case will finally be decided by the Supreme Court at a hearing next month. In the meantime preparations for us leaving the EU will continue.


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  1. We don’t have a ‘constitution’, we live in a country where the head of state is a monarch. The use of the power of the Royal prerogative resides at the moment with our Queen. Whether she can delegate it’s use is presumably what these lawyer/judges are looking at. Given a choice of a decision arrived at by them and the queen – I’ll go with a woman who has more understanding and depth than ALL the politicians and judges put together. We know she speaks with (Hmm I wonder if it’s AT) Mrs May so I have a feeling I know what she wants (the queen that is)

  2. Forgive me if I am wrong – but as I understand it a long standing principle of our ‘constitution’, unwritten as it is, means that rights of our citizens cannot be taken away by use of the royal prerogative. This was established after lengthy fights over centuries. And the Act that took us into the EU gave us rights including an ability to live in 27 neighbouring countries.
    Brexit will remove this right, we have agreed it should happen, but not overwhelmingly as some people seem to think, and can only be implemented by Parliament.
    Executive decree is insufficient and quite honestly I am surprised you think it is.

  3. Expect to witness the wrath of the people if they are further betrayed. The trust is all but gone.

    1. The people are a fickle divided lot – just seen an opinion poll that suggests a majority now support remain. At best there is a divided nation, with Scotland and Northern Ireland with majorities to remain.
      The referendum was entirely advisory with no formal place on our unwritten constitution.
      Things are going to go on and on for years before things are resolved.
      I have never, in 70 years felt sadder and more depressed about the state of the country- we are heading for making Greece look a haven of stability and prosperity.

      1. You could well be right. Do not however necessarily believe polls. They are too easily manufactured. I did not count the numbers did you ? I share your sadness and your generation. Maybe the traitors and hypocrites were always amongst us. We just were not aware until communications and technology improved to the level we all now have access to.

      2. One could argue also that if this referendum is only advisory then so was the one in 1975 ?

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