Article 50 High Court decision

As the High Court decides today whether the government can give notice to the EU that we are leaving there are two debates in the House of Commons today. The first is on the area of financial services and how it might be affected by the UK leaving the EU. The second on living wage week. I hope the Court realise that the court case is simply an attempt by the losing side in the referendum to try and obstruct the will of the people as expressed in the referendum. The government has clear authority arising from the referendum result to serve Article 50 and the sooner the better. As it is I expect that whatever the result in the High Court today the decision will be appealed to the Supreme Court.

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7 thoughts on “Article 50 High Court decision

  1. Never felt so much frustration bordering on anger. Just listened to Mr I know better Clegg (Lord!!!) there is no doubt the rich are out to frustrate the wishes of the electorate by having a neverendum. I don’t take the Daily Mail, but look at the headlines online. The Mail allows ‘comments’ (a bit like yourself) I have never seen any article whizz so fast past 20,000 plus comments! You can guess the direction. At what point do/does the English say ENOUGH?

  2. I am surprised (excepting that almost nothing surprises me with ‘politics’ these days) that you seem to disagree with the High Court judgement on Article 50 and the power to serve the EU notice to leave.
    I say surprised because I always imagined that you pride yourself on being a stout defender of parliamentary sovereignty. Indeed, a significant part of the ‘Leave’ case that you have supported is about the supremacy of parliament as the ultimate arbiter of our national affairs, unfettered by our pesky neighbours across the Channel.
    But now it seems you think that our betters and elders, Ministers and their coterie of supporters in the ‘smoke filled rooms’ (no longer I guess), should secretly decide the way in which we leave the EU, and that Parliament should not be involved. This makes me wonder if parliament is not now quite so sacred as I thought.
    Unfortunately for the game plan, but entirely in accordance with constitutional history and the rights off our citizens, the Courts have decided that the executive does not have the power to trigger article 50.
    Forgive me if I smile when I see that your colleagues who I have seen quoted are unhappy about having to defer to parliament. And others have quite disgracefully called for the sacking of judges – is this the self rule of a great nation you see for us ?

    1. Maybe it is because trusting these so called @Honourable”even RT Honourable bodies who have been anything but Honourable could be a clue to our discontent. Ignoring some of the facts that are simply wrong

  3. I notice your posts do not mention the disgraceful decision by the Conservatives to whip MP’s to vote for Keith Vaz. I sent you a steaming email yesterday but it came back as undeliverable. My feeling have not changed. Wimps the lot of you.

    1. Stick to the point. I know Vaz is a toe rag and only 7 mp’s voted against his appt. Did you ?

  4. Then it may mean the fight goes on for the UK to break free from the would be domination of the self serving EU unelects ( by us) as I said around 2006 ” without a shot being fired” Interesting how many of my opinions are now finding their way via other people into the public domain. Pity it took so long.

  5. Then if need be the fight for our freedom from self serving EU Unelects efforts to dominate us. I warned way way back of the possibility of the EU actually causing a (civil )war rather than the high minded principle that it had prevented one for 50 years was coming to pass.

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