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It is difficult to keep up with the developments in UKIP these days. Less, than three weeks ago, Diane James was elected as Leader after months of campaigning. After, just 18 days in office Mrs James resigns. It then transpires that UKIP has never notified the Electoral Commission of the change of leader so technically in their view Nigel Farage is still the Leader – weeks after everyone, including I expect Mr Farage himself, thought he had been replaced.

Next, the leading contender to replace Mrs James , the North West MEP Steven Woolf is forced into hospital after an altercation with a fellow UKIP MEP! You could not make it up!

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  1. True. Bit like a politician punching a voter for throwing an egg and he’s a Lord now after saying for years he’d abolish the place. Problem UKIP has is what does it stand for.

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