Theresa May’s Vision For Britain

Theresa May yesterday made her first full speech to the Conservative Party Conference as Prime Minister. Not her first speech as she made a speech specifically on the issue of our departure from the European Union on Sunday. I noticed one commentator on the speech said only 8% of the speech yesterday was on Brexit which was, the commentator claimed going to take most of her time up as Prime Minister, completely overlooking the fact that the speech on Sunday completely concentrated on Brexit. In any event whilst Brexit is important the PM has three Secretaries of State all with a role in ensuring we get the best possible deal as we leave the EU.

You can watch the PM’s speech here:

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2 thoughts on “Theresa May’s Vision For Britain

  1. Heard the words now let’s see the deeds. Been voting for 50 years, very few politicians live up to their own expectations. Mrs T (love or loath) DID change things. Mrs May has very big shoes (HMM) to follow.

  2. The speech was as usual with politcians, heavy on rhetoric but no detail or substance. All conference speeches from whatever party should be seen as at best aspirational. Much like manifesto promises, parts can be cherry picked.
    She has been a senior government minister for six years, why didn’t she do something then, why now? She never mentioned the working class then.
    We have heard it all before, Mr Cameron’s One Nation Conservatism, remember that? All in this together? Etc etc.
    My motto is “We are known by what we do. Not by what we say we are going to do”
    Let’s see what happens.

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