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With Conference announcements from Ministers coming thick and fast one that caught my eye was that by the Communities Secretary of a package of new measures to build more houses. One reason why young people find it so hard to get on the housing ladder is that due to the numbers wanting a house considerably outstripping supply they are simply priced out of the market. Government itself owns many tracts of land which could be developed and some solution is for government to identify sites which could be developed. In addition to making more land available the government also want to increase the number of developers in the market. Spending more on the infrastructure for large development sites will also help increase the supply of new homes. In order to encourage development on brownfield sites there will be a presumption in favour of housing on suitable brownfield land.

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One thought on “More Homes

  1. The problem is nothing to do with lack of land or builders – the problem is lack of planning permission. It always has been – planning is restricted to keep house prices high and satisfy the NIMBYs…

    The solution to the housing crisis is simply to print more tickets to build houses – the market will take care of the rest…

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