Brexit nerves calmed

Since the result of the referendum on our membership of the European Union became clear on 24th June the one concern that has been raised with me more than any other has been whether the government will actually deliver what the majority voted for i.e. for the UK to leave the European Union. Personally, I have never had any doubts simply because even though the Prime Minister along with a majority of the Cabinet were on the opposite – losing – side in the referendum they are all democrats and they accept that the will of the people must be carried out. There was no point in holding a referendum if the result could be simply casually ignored. I hope the Prime Minister’s speech on the first day of the Conservative Party Conference will have calmed the fears some have had. Theresa May has made it clear she will formally give notice before the end of the current financial year and there will be a bill introduced to ensure that when we do leave existing laws are kept and that we will no longer be subject to any rule from Brussels.

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