So there we have it Mr Corbyn wins the leadership of the Labour Party for the second time in a year this time with an even bigger mandate than last time. By any assessment it has been a disaster for the moderates in the Labour Party. They have been pursuing a determined course with the aim of removing Jeremy Corbyn.

The first step was to hold a vote of no confidence in the Parliamentary Labour Party – they won that easily but Jeremy stayed put.

The second step was to have a rolling series of resignations from the Shadow Cabinet and the lower Shadow Ministerial ranks. That did not work either. The gaps were either filled by bringing M.P.’s off the back benches or giving some more than one rôle. Some posts were simply left unfilled.

The third step – the nuclear option – was to have another leadership election. Unlike last year the moderates would be ready – ready to challenge the Leadership in the Courts if necessary to try to increase their chances of success. The cost of being a supporter was increased from £3 to £25. 120,000 more recent recruits were barred from taking part at all after another court battle. All to no avail.

Mr Corbyn increased his share of the vote from 59.5% to 61.8% and he won easily in each of the three categories of voters. The increase in Labour Party membership has been unmatched by any other party and Mr Corbyn now has a stronger grip on the leadership than before the challenge began.

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  1. Do be careful. There is a grave danger that the’younger’ voters haven’t heard the drivel that expounds from Mr Corbyn and Mr Mcduffer. Yesterday – did I hear right Mr C said he would borrow 500 BILLION pounds to invest in infrastructure. So we already in debt to the tune of 900 billion and his answer is borrow half as much again. Strewth. The credit card is maxed out go borrow on another. He wants to open up the coal mines (despite the fact that there is no demand for coal – DEFENCE – ohh give me strength. Where there is hope he offers despair – heard that and it’s so true.

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