G20 report

It is not on the agenda yet but I wonder if the Prime Minister is going to make a statement today on the G20. As usual on a Wednesday the PM is going to answer questions at midday. The evidence for time being carved out for such a statement is that up until late yesterday afternoon there were two opposition day debates scheduled for today one on the NHS and one on the Paris Climate Change agreement. Now the order paper has been published and the NHS debate has disappeared.

I have a very busy day of visitors and meetings. One of our Bury Councillors is visiting and one of the managers from Yates in Bury is attending a reception in the House which I have to call in to. There are also the elections today to the Executive Committee of the 1922 Committee so I need to go and vote.

There is a Procedure Committee meeting this afternoon and the PM is speaking to Conservative MP’s at the 1922 Committee. I also have meetings regarding the situation in Kashmir.

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