Ladies to the Front

Following the decision by UKIP  to stop  North West MEP Stephen Woolfe from even getting to the starting line to become UKIP’s new leader Diane James is the new firm favourite to take over from Nigel Farage. If Diane James is elected as UKIP Leader  – although with internal wrangling in UKIP over the leadership election continuing it is by no means certain the present line up will be the final one! – then she will join a growing list of female Party Leaders. In addition to the new Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister Theresa May, the Scottish Nationalists and the Welsh Nationalists – Plaid Cymru – the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland , the Greens and the Scottish Conservatives all have female Leaders.  It is a little ironic that Labour and the Liberal Democrats who frequently have most to say when it comes to women’s rights etc do not have and have never had a female leader. Indeed the Liberal Democrats do not even have any female MP’s. I continue to believe that women are more than capable of succeeding without special help which I think is both patronising and completely unnecessary.

Published by David Nuttall

Business and Political Consultant

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