Child Abuse Historic Inquiry

I was surprised at the announcement last night that the Chairman of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse had resigned. Dame Lowell Goddard was the third person to chair the Inquiry since it was established. I must admit I thought it was a little odd that we had to recruit someone from as far away as New Zealand but everyone seemed to accept she was suitably qualified and well suited to the task. Her antipodean background certainly meant that she escaped the criticism levelled at the first two Chairmen namely that there were too closely linked to the British establishment. It now falls to the new Home Secretary to oversee the recruitment of a new Chairman and I certainly hope that this will be speedily concluded so the Inquiry can quickly proceed.

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  1. Dame Lowell Goddard is part of the New Zealand judiciary who have a history of covering up child sex crimes. I should know – when our under age child was victim of sex crimes committed by a gang in Auckland, the NZ judiciary gagged our whole family in order to cover up.

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