In and Out

I doubt many people expected Theresa May to make as many changes as she has to the cabinet. George Osborne, Michael Gove, Oliver Letwin, Theresa Villiers, John Whittingdale, Stephen Crabb, Mark Harper all leaving the Cabinet. This has meant new opportunities for others to move around the cabinet table. Many of the new Cabinet Members will not be well known but if I could sum them all up I would say they are all very competent, not flashy, but hardworking and very competent.

The terrible events in Nice have demonstrated once again that the war against terror must be an absolute priority for all governments around the World. Security specialists will be wondering what can possibly be done to stop attacks like the one last night from occurring. There is little, it seems to me, that can be done, to stop someone who is hellbent on causing death and destruction by driving a lorry in to a crowd at high speed.

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One thought on “In and Out

  1. You have to give it to Mrs May – she politically hit the ground running! Mr Davis in charge of Brexit – clever. Apart from Alex Ferguson I can’t think of a tougher negotiator!
    As regards the terrible, disgusting Nice occurence, I wonder if a few (as per our armed police with MP5’s) had been positioned at either ends of the celebrations would have had more impact – fewer but with better stopping power.

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