Theresa May Elected Leader

In yet another extraordinary day at Westminster Andrea Leadsom one of the two candidates left in the contest to become the next Conservative Party Leader withdrew and left the way open for Theresa May to become Party Leader and the UK’s next Prime Minister. I first discovered the news as I was on the train travelling down to London. Andrea Leadsom took a generous decision recognising the fact that well over half of the Parliamentary Party had voted for Theresa.

After confirming the details of the outcome with the Party Board a Special Meeting of the 1922 Committee of Conservative MP’s was called for 5pm and the Chairman Graham Brady made the official announcement that Theresa May had ben elected the new Leader. The Prime Minister announced he would go to the Palace after Prime Minister Questions tomorrow and hand in his resignation to the Queen. Shortly after Theresa May will go to see the Queen and be confirmed as Prime Minister and asked to form a new Government.

All  the speculation at Westminster now is on who will be in that new Government.

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