Renewal of Trident

I can not understand why some people are claiming the Country is ‘rudderless’ and that David Cameron has disappeared since announcing he would stand down a fortnight ago. Since then in addition to his weekly PMQ sessions he has had several long sessions at the dispatch box making statements and answering questions on the outcome of the referendum, the European Council meeting and Chilcot. He has just been to the NATO meeting and announced MP’s will be having a vote on whether the UK should renew our four nuclear submarines which carry our Trident missiles before the end of term. Nuclear weapons have always been a controversial issue with proponents and opponents holding very firm views on both sides of the argument. My view is that we must renew our nuclear deterrent. They are the cornerstone of our defences and I will be voting to replace the deterrent when the vote takes place. It will be interesting to see what Labour MP’s because after years of cross party support for the deterrent there are many in the Labour Party who do not want to see Trident renewed.

Published by David Nuttall

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