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The contest to decide who will be the new Leader of the Conservative Party will start in earnest today when nominations close at 12 noon. It is looking as though there will be quite a few candidates to start with and then starting from next Tuesday Conservative MP’s will vote to reduce the number of Candidates down to two.

Yesterday, after Prime Minister’s Questions there was a statement from the Prime Minister on the meeting of the EU Council he had attended the previous day. Then there was a debate on the economy at the instigation of Labour and a debate on the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme.


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3 thoughts on “Leadership contest

  1. I hope Andrea Leadsom wins the leadership, she is very appealing, a good speaker and stood up extremely well in the Brexit campaign. Her knowledge as an ex banker also gives her greater appeal. The Tories need a leader that actually has accredited experience in the field of global finance and not just a PR man like Cameron. Andrea has the same appeal that Margaret Thatcher had, a strong presence, calm under questioning, and able to sort out the squabbling of the men. Always suspicious of someone who can stab a friend in the back not once but twice as Gove did to Cameron and now Johnson, please not him, I would no trust him, he is already bending to Murdoch’s whispers. Much hangs in the balance as to which leader the conservatives chose. Please chose wisely, a lot is at stake, when oh when will someone have the guts and sense to trigger article 50? Otherwise this whole debacle has been for nothing, and as a voter if the pubic that voted for Brexit are betrayed then a lot of us will never use our vote again, which could result in a coalition government, and we all know what a disaster that was.

  2. Did Boris not stand because he is a lying, philandering buffoon or because he has no bottle ?

  3. I look forward to hearing who you will be supporting in the leadership election

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