Window Opens

The very short window for any would be Prime Minister to declare their intention to seek the Leadership of the Conservative Party opens after the meeting of the 1922 Committee this afternoon. As readers will guess there is much manoeuvring going on as people try and work our what is best for the Party and the Country. Of course , it also the reality that some will base their support on how their own career will be advanced. As I have always made it clear I am not concerned in seeking Ministerial office I can take a genuinely objective view. Ultimately it will be Party members who decide the outcome.

An update to the timetable I referred to yesterday. The timetable has to be agreed by the main Board of the Party and it appears they are concerned that as the period for consultation with members and voting is during the school holiday month of August it should be extended. Consequently, I understand the date of the announcement could be put back a week to 9th September but no doubt this will be clarified during the day.

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