Referendum week

Thank you to all those who attended Bury Parish Church yesterday afternoon to hear the arguments for and against our membership of the European Union. I am not sure if any minds were made up or indeed changed but it was a good opportunity for the issues to be aired. Thanks go to the Rector of Bury Rev. John Findon for arranging and chairing the debate.

It was apparent from some of the questions that some people seem to think if we leave the European Union it would be the end of immigration. What it would mean is that the UK parliament would be in control and we would be able to determine how many extra people we could accommodate.

I note it has been announced that Ken Clarke is to stand down at the next general election after serving half a century in Parliament. He is of course someone who has always made the principled case for our membership of the European Union and whilst obviously I disagree with him over that issue I nevertheless have always got on with him really well. He is great Company and like me he enjoys his cricket and birdwatching. I hope he has a very long and happy retirement after he leaves the Commons.

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  1. Nicola Sturgeon has just said that what the Leave campaign has done and ‘I’m not just talking about Nigel Farage, but Boris Johnson and others, is to allow themselves to be associated with this view that pressure on our public services is the fault of immigrants, immigrants are the fault of the EU and therefore the answer is to close our borders and pull up the drawbridge. It has been really, really distasteful’.
    That is why people at your meeting, and millions more around the country, ‘think if we leave the European Union it would be the end of immigration’.
    If the result is Brexit and immigration continues – as you know it will, to serve industry and business and the NHS etc these millions will feel very, very cheated. They think that when Leave say ‘we need to take back control’, the endlessly repeated mantra, it means ‘to end immigration’.
    Our political environment has been diminished and it is very sad. I fear for the future whatever the outcome. And it was not necessary – the call for a referendum was a distinctly minority sport and most people are unhappy at being forced to make a choice that our representative democracy was designed to resolve.

  2. If we do leave the EU and can control immigration what is your personal opinion of what the level of migration should/would be ? The gross and net figures would be very helpful. Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      I do not think immigration should be about politicians randomly deciding what they would like to see. The number should be determined on the basis of how many new people our industries and businesses need and they can demonstrate that they are unable to find those workers domestically.


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