Church Referendum Debate

There is a chance for anyone who is interested to listen to more arguments for and against us leaving the European Union to hear them this afternoon. Bury Parish Church has arranged a debate between the MP for Bury South who will argue we should stay in the EU and myself. I do not know details of the exact format but it is at the Church or in the Hall at 4 o’clock today although I guess there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Last night I attended a celebration dinner to mark the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen with lots of musical entertainment. An excellent evening which I am sure was enjoyed by all those who went.

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2 thoughts on “Church Referendum Debate

  1. Thinking of calling in – But I’m an OUTER. Sitting around the breakfast table the economy question I have a complex answer for – but at the end of the day it’s a failing system that will NOT change, Mr Cameron has just demonstrated this. Answer leave. As regards immigration there have been millions of people that have come to the UK over the last few years. So; how many new hospitals/schools have been, will be built? In UK; in BURY. Terrible thing is I know the answer – waffle waffle waffle. Mine Leave and get building.

  2. You have got the middle aged group for remain.

    My in-laws who are 80 & 81 want out. They were children through a war. Their parents fought for something that they all believed in; they had rationing and have worked for everything they have.

    My step-children who are 27 and 31 are still undecided, they still don’t know what the real issues are.

    Appeal to the top and bottom end and you may get a remain vote.

    Company’s have already decided.

    A few difficult days ahead.


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