Lords Amendments

As the first session of the present Parliament draws to a close the proceedings in the Commons are dominated by the consideration of amendments to Bills passed by the House of Lords. Today, in addition to a debate about moving government departments outside London – in particular the decision by the Business Department to close an office in Sheffield – the Commons will be considering amendments to the Energy, Housing and Planning and Immigration bills. In Westminster Hall there will be a debate arising from a petition on the booklet sent out by the government on the European Referendum.

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  1. Just shifted (again) my GAS supplier. NOW is a great time to get a good gas price, shaved a massive 360 quid of annual costs. Could explain why (worked in the business for 40 years ) but watch these silly web comparison sites – they inevitably bias the potential savings – know your price. Electricity is a different game – far to much interference from government and monopolistic suppliers. Still no real competition.

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