Back to the referendum

With the local government elections out of the way arguably a much bigger decision faces voters in a few weeks times. This time it is on paper a much easier question not different parties vying for support but simply a single question should the UK stay in the European Union or leave it. Millions of people will have already made their minds up and vote accordingly but millions more will still be undecided and much time and effort will be expended on both sides of the debate to persuade them to decide one way or the other.

Of course my view is undoubtedly that we would be better off if we left the European Union. The latest claim from the remain camp is that our national security would be at risk. What nonsense. We could still just as easily share our intelligence with EU countries as we do now. No doubt, they will want to hear from us too with our intelligence. There is a mutual interest in sharing information to keep us all safe and there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why that should not continue whether we are in or out of the European Union.

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3 thoughts on “Back to the referendum

  1. Can you comment on your leaders vile use of the war dead and fear mongering over another war yesterday in his speech…?

    1. That is your opinion. Other people express themselves how they wish just as I express myself how I choose. I have all on dealing with my own views without spending too much time commenting on what other people think and say!

  2. Here here. I am busy leafletting the Seddons Farm estate on behalf of the Vote Leave group and astounded one gentleman who asked who was paying for the leaflet when I told him I was paying for it and for the job of delivering it.

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