Meningitis B Vaccine

I am hoping to be called to speak in the debate which is to be held in Westminster Hall today about the availability of a vaccine against Meningitis B. I hope to be able to raise the case of a young boy Charlie who attends the Sunday School at St. Anne’s and just two days after taking part in the Christingle in December was struck down with this terrible virus.

Fortunately he survived, but not before spending days in intensive care. Christmas and New Year were ruined. He faces many more trips to hospital as his condition continues to be monitored. His treatment will cost the NHS tens of thousands of pounds and it could have been avoided if he had been vaccinated. Babies up to 12 months are now being vaccinated but not those who are slightly older.

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  1. Dear Mr Nuttall. I write to you as a 66 year old lifelong supporter of our Party. I live in Walmersley, Bury and have voted Conservative since before a number of the members of the current cabinet were born.I have never voted any other way that Conservative. I am also one of the 800,000+ people who signed the petition regarding the Meningitis B vaccination programme being extended. My reason is that I have 5 Grandsons aged 8; 6; 4; 3 and 2 and I love them all dearly as any Grandfather would and I shall do all I can to ensure that they are always looked after and kept in good health. I have listened to your speech in Westminster Hall this afternoon and would like to take this opportunity of not only thanking you for the support you have given to me and the other people who signed the petition, but also for relating the heart wrenching story of Charlie. Thanks are due to the NHS in our Area and the professionalism of its people that the young boy is still with us. But there was a preventative measure which could and should have been taken to prevent the situation occurring. This struck a distinct cord with me as my eldest Grandson is named Charlie and I would be beside myself if something similar were to happen to him when we all know that there is a vaccine which could be and could have been given to him. I have to say that I really do fear that little will happen in terms of extending the vaccination programme and that the issue will get bogged down in the bureaucratic treacle.of Westminster and the cost benefit advantages of administering the vaccine .Please assure me that this will not happen. I admired you trying to give the Government a solution (my line at work was always please do not give me problems but rather potential solutions) in affording the vaccination programme via a reduction in the Stop Smoking campaign costs. I would go a much larger step forward and that is to suggest that we divert some of the Foreign Aid Budget to this area? It is surely and should always be the case that Charity begins at home and that we should look after our own Children rather than giving money to Foreign countries in the forlorn hope(in some cases) that it may benefit their Children. I really do look forward to your continued support in trying to bring this Petition and its aims to fruition. I do believe that this is the largest petition which has been raised and in my opinion, the Government would be extremely foolish not to act positively in its support.

    Kind regards

    David Thomas

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