Let’s Value Milk – Our Cow Molly

I have always been intrigued why it is people will pay so much for a bottle of water when virtually the same product can be obtained for a fraction of a penny from the tap. The answer lies in marketing. Clever marketing.

As readers will know I grew up near Sheffield (actually in Rotherham ) but my work was always in Sheffield and the first Parliamentary seat I contested was Sheffield Hillsborough. Everyone thinks of Sheffield as being built up and industrialised but Sheffield Hillsborough contained large rural areas too. Several reservoirs and lots of farmers. I was perhaps less surprised than some to hear about the success of a farmer from a village called Dungworth near Sheffield which was in the Sheffield Hillsborough constituency when I fought it on the radio today.

At a time when farmers are struggling to sell their milk at a decent price they have bucked the trend by developing their own Our Cow Molly brand of milk and it is has the USP in the jargon – Unique Selling Point – of being Super Fresh. They don’t just produce the milk from the cows on their farm they process it on site and deliver it next day. You can find out more about them at their website here


They are a finalist in the future foods category of this year’s BBC Food and Farming Awards.


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