EU referendum arguments no.4

Yet again today we are hearing the view of the USA is that we should stay in the EU. Well, I have a number of responses to that firstly, if they think it is so good would they be happy to pay our £18 billion a year membership fee or even the ten billion a year net of the grants they give us back? Secondly, if they think it is so good would they like to join. Would they like to give 500 million in the EU the right to enter the USA and look for work, possibly find work and then they could stay there? Would they like to be sent directions which Congress and the President would have to enact across the whole of the USA? Thirdly, I know from my visit to the USA a few weeks ago that there are many Americans who think it is we would be better off if we leave the EU.

Yesterday and today I have been attending the meeting of the Parliamentary Party.

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  1. Like you we have not long returned from the US. We couldn’t see/find any reference in their media to our referendum (or for that matter ANYTHING. In the conversation I had with Americans most couldn’t understand Europe as against the European Union. Had some detailed discussion about the Living Wage and most seemed delighted at the thought (i.e “how do they (we) get that”)
    Read an interesting article from Seema Malhotra (who ? Shadow Chief Secretary to the treasury) She managed to admit that in 2015 our nett (after rebates etc.,) contribution to the E U was 8.5bn quid BUT she said we get access to 5.6 bn pds of cheap debt – now there’s daft – we give them 8.5bn then they lend us back 5.4 – someone tell her please that debt is debt AND it was our own money in the first place – no wonder we don’t trust Labour with the economy!!

  2. I read this with interest. This is an extract of a discussion between Andrew Marr and Lord Lawson about the Irish issues relating to Brexit.
    ‘Mr Marr suggested that the Republic was a back door to immigration into the UK from the rest of the EU and other parts of the world.
    Lord Lawson said: “But that can be stopped. There would have to be border controls, but not a prevention of genuine Irish from coming in across the border”.’
    You assert that we ‘would be in charge of our own borders’ if we quit the EU.
    How would that work please between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic ?
    If there are controls, as there must surely be to control the border with an EU state, how would you identify ‘genuine Irish’ ?
    And would the introduction of border controls not inevitably have ramifications for the ‘carefully arrived at’ peace agreements ?

    1. Hi, I have not used the term ‘genuine Irish’ and I do not intend to guess what those who have used the term mean by it! I have no doubt that given the developments in recent years in Northern Ireland any changes to border arrangements could be intoduced. I would also mention that the official position of the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland is to leave the EU.

      1. Thanks for the reply – but I have to admit I was hoping for a bit more than –
        ‘I have no doubt that given the developments in recent years in Northern Ireland any changes to border arrangements could be introduced’.
        Can I ask you to be more specific and advise whether you think there would need to be a controlled border with passport and security controls etc between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland ?
        A yes or no would suffice.

        PS I agree that Lord Lawson is a bit past his sell-by date and that references to ‘genuine Irish’ are ridiculous. Perhaps he should stay in France !!

      2. Dear Jim,
        I want to see all our borders properly policed. Because of the historical situation in Northern Ireland the parties in Northern Ireland may agree special arrangements are appropriate. The important point is that it should be our decision and not a decision imposed on us by others.

  3. David enjoying your daily updates. It gives a great insight into the daily routines of our MP.

    One of my concerns about leaving the EU is the case of Northern Ireland and Irish people within the UK. As we know the Irish have boosted the infrastructure of the UK (Roads, canals, buildings etc) amongst many other occupations. What would happen to those Irish people that still hold an Irish passport?

    Also a great deal of work has gone into the peace process within Northern Ireland from all sides of the communities and I know that deals were struck to those living in Northern Ireland (mainly the Catholic community) that they could hold Irish passports whilst still living in the towns that they grew up in and called home but reside in Northern Ireland. (UK). Indeed football players such as James McClean opted to play for the Republic of Ireland through the political agreements.

    Many people live in border towns and cross either way to earn a living. What would happen to these hard working folk? I’m also puzzled as to what would happen to expats living across Europe.

    Apologies for so many points but I’ve struggled to get any information about the consequences of a withdrawal and I know this is one of the major points that gets my vote. I hold an Irish passport and as on of your constituents am concerned about what it will mean for me and my extended family.

    Thank you. I await your response.

    1. Hi,
      I have not seen any proposal that would change the rights or status of any persons in the UK as a result of the UK leaving the EU. You are quite right to refer to the special situation in Northern Ireland. the great thing about the UK leaving the EU is that we would be in charge of our own borders and as you rightly say in view of the huge amount of time and money invested in the peace process I think we can all be sure no government would want to change the arrangements which have been so carefully arrived at.
      Thank you for raising this point.

  4. We are the mouthpiece for the US when they require it and they fear losing that. I have just donated to the official LEAVE campaign.

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