Vote Leave wins nomination

Many people have contacted me in recent weeks to say they have not heard much from the Leave side in the referendum campaign. One reason may be that it was not until yesterday that the Electoral Commission completed their assessment of the three competing bids for designation as lead campaigner. They have now decided that the Vote Leave campaign will be the official designated campaign to put the arguments for why we should leave the EU.

Their website can be found here:

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5 thoughts on “Vote Leave wins nomination

  1. Already a member of Vote Leave David and I am leafletting the Seddons Farm Estate.

  2. PS, dont forget what the current EU “common agricultural policy” did to increase the floods this past Winter. Many of your constituents won’t know about that either, especially those badly affected.

  3. Hi David, are you coming to Boris Johnson’s meeting on Friday evening? If so, maybe we can catch up for a few minutes? I’m willing to do some email marketing to help make sure we Leave the EU. With all its standardisation and harmonisation, the EU is inhibiting – even destroying – our creative, enterprising, innovative culture, that made us Great Britain! All the best, John Ardern

    1. Hi, I replied to your earlier enquire about this but to repeat whilst I will not be able to attend that rally with Boris I certainly believe we will be safer and better off if we leave the EU and take control of our own affairs.
      Best wishes, David

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