Take Control

The Vote Leave campaign group who are campaigning to leave the European Union are having their national Take Control day today. In essence leaving the EU will mean the UK will be able to take back control of our own affairs. We will be able to take control of our borders and decide who we let in. No more being forced to admit foreign criminals just because they are EU citizens. We will be able to take back control of our own trade deals. We will be able to decide how to spend the annual membership fee – our contribution of around £18 billion a year. Of course some of this will go to the same areas it does now such as farmers but we will be able to decide how we spend the rest. We will no longer have to subsidise foreign farmers.

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3 thoughts on “Take Control

  1. Wanna see how the ‘Union’ can waste money – Went through Madrid airport last week – it was finished 7 years ago. In the middle of Spain’s/our biggest ever recession. 4 terminals, half a mile long, as wide as a football pitch, high as a Cathederal. Walked for 10 minutes to the boarding gate – to get on a sweaty BUS and wait 30 minutes to go out to the plane. WHAT !!!
    E U hasn’t signed it’s accounts of in 40 odd years – Take back our DEMOCRACY VOTE OUT

  2. Is it not possible to stem the steady stream of lies and deceit that your leader spews out almost every day about the effects of a Brexit…?

  3. When successful, I am looking forward to being able to buy New Zealand butter. There has been no replacement for it.

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