E.U. Referendum arguments no. 2

On Thursday I appeared on The Granada Debate programme on ITV. One argument which was put forward by one of my fellow panelists who was arguing the UK should stay in the European Union was that we would have to negotiate separate deals with all the other 27 countries in the EU. This is simply untrue. Members of the EU have no power to negotiate their own trade deals. This is one reason why we would be better off out of the EU. We have been members for over 40 years and the EU have still not been able to conclude a trade agreement with the USA! If we leave the EU there would need to be just one agreement with the remaining countries in the EU.

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3 thoughts on “E.U. Referendum arguments no. 2

  1. Laudable. Strewth, camp fear. Suspect they are underestimating Joe public. Boris yesterday interviewed by Mr Marr who tried endless interruptions against Boris and he used nearly nothing against Mr Cameron week before. Boris was impressive in more ways than one.

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