Super Tuesday

Over in the USA the final results are coming through from what they call Super Tuesday a day when a number of States vote to decide who will be the Presidential Candidate for the Democrat and Republican parties.
it certainly looks like the wife of former President Bill Clinton Hilary Clinton is going to be carrying the flag for the Democrats. Her opponent Bernie Sanders won only 3 of the States voting overnight with Hilary winning all the rest. The race for the Republican candidate looks a lot closer with the candidate who started as the complete outsider Donald Trump now in the lead. With a split opposition and many of them doing well enough overnight not to drop out yet the fact that he did not win overwhelmingly may actually serve to be a benefit in the contests to come if those opposed to him cannot agree on a single opponent.

What has been noticeable is the tone of Mr Trump’s comments. He is sounding much more conciliatory than before. He is no doubt thinking ahead to the task that faces him in trying to actual win the Presidency where again, if he secures the nomination, he will start as the outsider.

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4 thoughts on “Super Tuesday

  1. Your conciliatory front runner was advocating torturing the families of suspected terrorists. Lovely chap. The republican audience loved it of course.

  2. Much more conciliatory only 3 days after failing to distance himself from white supremacists? He is leading because he has appealed directly and openly to racists and nativists.

    What might have been more interesting to read from you is an analysis of how Britain and the Conservative party would respond to the presidency being in the hands of a thin skinned egomaniac with no political or international experience.

  3. Could Hillary Clinton not have been acknowledged as a former Secretary of State in her own right rather than the wife of a former President?

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