Thursday 23rd June it is…..

The Statutory Instrument confirming the date of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union was confirmed yesterday following a vote in the House of Commons. The Instrument was passed by 475 votes to 59. The document was opposed by the Scottish National Party.

The main business in the Commons today is the first day of the Annual debate on what are called the Estimates in other words government spending. It is a very unclear process and indeed it is so unclear that the Procedure Committee on which I sit is conducting an Inquiry into the whole issue of Estimates.

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  1. The European political project – like your goodself we have traveled through many USA states. Hawaii is closer to Japan than America by many thousands of miles – in ONLY the 1950’s it became a US state, the common thread is language – Hawaiians adopted English/American. Trade/understanding between states in a common currency is easy. Just come back from Madrid – my fault I can’t speak Spanish. Try ordering a ‘Big Mac’ meal in English in a Mcdonald’s cafe; with a foot high advert of the same – not a hope!! There are 26 other languages in the EU, all Brussels can ever do is CONTAIN/ CONTROL expansion. Countries are like any business they MUST adapt and innovate – vote out.

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