Flooding meeting

Today is the first day of a short recess for Parliament as Parliament does not sit again until a week on Monday.

A big thank you to all those who attended the public meeting at Radcliffe last night. The meeting followed an afternoon drop in session where representatives from bodies such as the Council, the Environment Agency, Six Town Housing and United Utilities where all on hand to answer questions.

I am back in the office today catching up with casework and constituents queries.

Tomorrow, I am departing the UK to visit Salt Lake City in Utah USA where I have been invited to give a lecture to some of the students at the University. I will be endeavouring to keep my blog up to date but apologies in advance if for any reason this is not possible.

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2 thoughts on “Flooding meeting

  1. David,

    I am sure you will be reporting who has funded this beano to Utah for you, but it would be good for transparency if you let us know in this blog. There are many unsavoury organisations in the US promoting the destruction of the planet in the name of FREEDUM, and racism and xenophobia in the name of easy electoral success. I would expect that even though I regard you as very right wing, you are not sufficiently far gone to be comfortable with right wing america.

    1. Dear Ewan,
      Of course I will be making the appropriate entry in the register of members interests in due course as the costs are being paid for by the University of Utah.

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