Riot Compensation Bill

Yesterday, the debate on the powers of Parliament was an excellent debate. The Speaker of the House of Commons recognised the importance and stayed in the Chair to Chair our proceedings from when the House began at 9.30am through to the end of the debate at just past 3pm.

The debate can be read here

Today the main business is Bills brought forward by backbench MP’s as opposed to the Government. The first updates the law relating to riots and specifically the compensation payable to those who are affected by the riots. The bill has already had its second reading and been considered in Committee. Today the committee stage will be considered in the Report Stage when further amendments, can and indeed be tabled. Once they are all decided on the Bill will move on to its Third Reading debate. This is the final stage of the legislative process in the House of Commons and if the Bill passes the Third Reading it will move on to the House of Lords to be considered there.


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  1. An excellent debate. You represent certainly my view. What is needed is a person, a leader, who can articulate what Britain will look like post EU. i.e we will still have the pound, still have the largest finance centre in the world, be able to take ideas (e.g graphene) and make it a manufacturing success, agriculture/fish – where/how we want too

    – go find a LEADER to lead.

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