Today the main debates have been determined by the backbench Business Committee following applications from groups of MP’s. The first is a debate on a motion about the sovereignty of the UK Parliament and the importance of this in the EU renegotiation. The second is a general debate about the situation in Yemen.

Sovereignty is the fundamental thing that the UK has lost has a result of its membership of the European Union. It has not happened overnight but gradually over a period of 40 years. Starting when we joined, although I doubt it was ever spelled out what joining the Common market meant for UK sovereignty , bit by bit more powers have gone from the UK to the EU. It should be an interesting debate.

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One thought on “Sovereignty

  1. ‘We’ as a country have already lost our sovereignty – we have to ask 27 other countries do they mind if we control our borders!
    I feel your frustration – I suspect in you as me — it’s a BRITISH ‘thing’ you feel. It’s in our sphyche — I wonder is there something in our core – if you really want to whizz off a Brit tell that soul another country is telling them what to do! DC is not reading the deep feeling of anti immigration. It IS the issue what he proposes doesn’t answer it. Stick with it.

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