EU negotiation

It looks as though the Prime Minister’s negotiation with the European Union over our terms of membership could be reaching a conclusion and we should learn more during the day. To be honest I have not paid that much attention to the negotiation process. I think it has been a complete waste of time. It is a charade. a process designed to make it look like there has been some real changes made to our terms of membership. In truth, if we remain members it will very soon become apparent that nothing has really changed. There are so many areas where are terms of membership are not going to change at all.

We will know more later today.


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6 thoughts on “EU negotiation

  1. Ohh by the way – I have access to 3 groups of people – Nurses – gonna vote OUT (of the E U ). Window cleaner – all his clients/mates gonna vote OUT – Post Man – all his colleagues OUT. Only a bush poll BUT

  2. I think that you are an honorable man. Pity the posh boys aren’t – I’ve just gone UKIP

  3. Sorry, David, but not enough for me. We need more autonomy so therefore in the words of a Dragon, I’m out !

  4. Where will that leave you in terms of your ‘Best for Britain’ picture at the top of your blog…?

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