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Yesterday morning I chaired a session of debates in Westminster hall when the roll out of Universal Credit in the North West and Defence procurement were the subjects under consideration. After Prime Minister Questions I had a meeting of the Procedure Committee. Later I attended a meeting organised by the Charity Open Doors where they launched their report into the persecution of Christians around the World. Several constituents had contacted me asking me to attend. The event was well attended with many MP’s there and we heard from those who gave first hand testimony about the difficulties faced by Christians in different parts of the World.

The website of Open Doors can be accessed here

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  1. Lot’s of meeting there. Must be a nice cosy feeling. Such is a bureaucracy! A good example is Catholic Church – from the Pope to a padre = 4 layers of ‘management’ – hence why they make decisions quickly. Nowt you can do about it though, mind you you could always do a Corbin – don’t go!

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