EU renegotiation

Yesterday, everyone finally got to hear confirmation of the changes the Government are seeking to the UK’s terms of membership of the EU. I, like many others was not impressed. Of course I was always going to argue the case for why Britain should leave the EU but I did think the Government might be a bit more ambitious in their aims. The truth is now clear if the Country votes to stay in the EU very little will change and we will still be governed to a large and growing extent from Brussels.
Nothing was said about bringing back powers over fisheries or over farming. Nothing about our ability to help say our own steel industry without having to go begging to Brussels for their permission. Anyway, there will be much more to be said and written on this subject before the referendum so I will leave it there for now.
I returned from London last night after the 7 o’clock vote as the House of Commons is not sitting for the rest of the week. The half term recess. So I am back down to the office in Bury for a meeting and appointments today which I will report on later.

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  1. I look forward to the coming discussions regarding our possible exit from the EU. At the moment I would vote to exit but will listen and read carefully to every side of the argument.

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