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Today I am heading back to Westminster for another full week of Parliamentary business. First up today is the Housing and Planning Bill. One thing everyone agrees on is that as a Country we need to build more new homes. Last Monday I visited the new McCarthy & Stone development at Holcombe Brook which will bring 50 new homes for older people. As the buyers of those homes will often be selling family homes it will mean more opportunities for growing families to find a suitable home.
The Housing and Planning Bill delivers on the Conservative manifesto pledge to provide more starter homes for young people and protect the green belt from development. The plan is to build one million new homes by 2020.
The Bill also includes measures to make it easier for people to self build, control rogue landlords, and ensure that those who are on high incomes living in social housing pay the full rent.

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3 thoughts on “Housing and Planning Bill

  1. We have 3 adults still living at their birth home (all 25 + working full time, reasonable wages, tax payers) unable to move out due to lack of properties available (those that come on the market are snapped up by buy to rent investors) – build a million homes by 2020 – HA good luck. Bet most of those that will be built will be ‘down south’ Put it in the basket marked “reducing immigration to the tens of thousands – no if’s or but’s” statement. In fact at Nett migration of 330,000 a year even if you build a million – guess who’ll get them!

  2. Mr Nuttall I hope you have a safe trip down to the capital.

    You’ve been in the papers this week because you ‘talked a bill to death’. Now I don’t want to ask your opinion on that particular bill as you have your reasons as to why you don’t want to offer free parking to carers. Although I’m not sure what they are but as a Christian church goer you will have your reasons.

    But what I do want to ask you is something you feel passionate about ‘Cold Callers’. If you and a few of your chums were to draw up a bill and a couple of politicians from another party were to Filibuster your motion, how would you feel about those honourable members of the house? Would you feel that they had acted ‘Honourable’?

    1. Hi, Thank you for your comment. As it it is not possible to filibuster as you suggest in the House of Commons the situation you describe would never arise. It is perfectly possible for any debate to be brought to an end if the Speaker ( or Deputy ) agrees there has been enough debate and the House votes to close the debate.
      As for the hospital car parking bill I argued that concessions for carers should be decided locally by hospital trusts as at present. I have never said carers are not a deserving group. There are, of course, other deserving groups and it does seem sensible to me that rather than pick out one group for special treatment, all such deserving groups should be considered together.

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