November 1st

For a variety of reasons I have not posted on my blog for a while but I am going to are a special effort from today to post everyday.

First thing to note it is very foggy in Bury this morning. I hope everyone who is out and about in their cars drives carefully and there are no accidents.

Second thing is Ramsbottom has just been mentioned on The Broadcasting House programme on Radio 4. It is a piece about Remembrance and why people wear poppies and who they think about when they pin their poppy on. I guess everyone has their own reasons and thoughts for me it is about remembering the sacrifice that so many millions have made over down the years fighting for our freedom.

Third and final thing this morning as it is a Sunday I will be off shortly to carry out my duties as Churchwarden at St. Anne’s in Tottington. My co-warden is flying off to warmer climes on holiday today so but the welcome help of one of our deputy wardens means I will not be on my own.

Yesterday, I managed to get to the Shakers game. The Lancashire derby against Blackpool. An action packed game with seven goals and fortunately the majority going Bury’s way!

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5 thoughts on “November 1st

  1. Delighted you’re back in communication, David. Very timely too, as would like to know why you supported the recent filibustering manoeuvre which prevented the House of Commons debating and voting on the issue of hospital parking for carers. I think your actions were undemocratic.

    1. Dear Bernard,
      Thank you for your comment. I did not prevent the Bill you refer to being debated. It was debated for almost five hours. It is not possible to filibuster in the House of Commons. Speeches must be relevant and thepeaked and Deputy Speakers ensure the rules are kept to. Further, it is possible for any debate to be brought to an end if the Speaker ( or Deputy ) agrees and the House votes for it.

  2. It was good to receive this blog. I receive the news from Parliament regularly via email, so keep up with what is happening. There is certainly a lot to take in including DevoManc – a term which I dislike due to the meaning of “manky” in this part of the world. Kind regards.

  3. Thank you for your update, however, it is disturbing to read a blog from a member of parliament with an obvious spelling mistake in the post. People WEAR their poppy, not where their poppy.

    1. Thank you for pointing this out. I do know the difference and I am not sure how this slipped in. Clearly, I should have checked more carefully, I have corrected it now. Thanks, David

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