More Good News on Unemployment

The latest figures for the number of unemployed in Bury show another fall. Depending on what statistics you look at it is down 40 or 50% since the last General Election. What there can be no doubt about is that unemployment has fallen since 2010.

With inflation falling to zero point five per cent millions of workers are starting to feel better off. Of course Labour will continue to claim things are not getting better but increasingly people realise they are getting better and even if they have not benefitted personally yet they know they will soon.  If we go back to Labour we will put at risk all the hard work of the last five years. More spending. more borrowing and more debt is not the answer to the nations problems. It sounds great to claim all our problems can be solved by taxing a few big houses in London but there is no easy answer.

The country must live within its means and that means sticking with the Conservatives

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2 thoughts on “More Good News on Unemployment

  1. Interesting no comments! Funny old world init! Good news bad news and all that. By the way “Daily Digest” so presumably it’s just for THAT day. Nowt happens or your doing nowt in the between days? I’ll bet you burst into life shortly – 100 DAYS to go and all that.

  2. Hello
    I feel that statistics can be manipulated to show almost anything. From my personal perspective I do not fell better off. I work as a community nurse. I have not had anything like a pay increase for the last four years. Petrol has increased at exponential rate, although it has dropped slightly recently. Our mileage rates have been cut and allowances stopped. So in real terms I am much worse off.
    On a separate issue with the election looming large, I have no faith in any of the main political parties, I cannot think of any instance where any of the main political parties have managed any crisis with any degree of honesty or with any degree of success.

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