It is all about the economy

As the long campaign ahead of the general election on 7th May gets underway there will be countless articles written about the pros and cons of each parties policies but the truth is that without a strong economy everything else falls by the wayside.

Since the coalition Government came to power nearly 5 years ago much has been done to improve the economic state of the country. For the first two or three years the opposition constantly complained that the Government were going too quickly. the claim that the Government was going ‘too far and too fast’ was repeated at every opportunity. Now strangely the opposition claim the Government have not gone far enough! If the Government had followed their advice we would not have made the progress we have.

We can debate which measure should be used to measure the progress made and whether the annual budget deficit has been cut by a third or by a half but what really matters is that the Conservative led Coalition Government have put the country back on the road to recovery. The choice before the Country on My 7th is whether to stay on the road to recovery with the safety and security that brings or turn back and risk chaos and confusion with the Labour Party who left the Country with such a huge budget deficit in the first place.

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6 thoughts on “It is all about the economy

  1. I would suggest that your title says more about the person you are the views you hold David. ‘It is all about the economy’, I would suggest that it’s all about people.

    I saw David Cameron get worked up the other day when discussing limiting the size of donations to political parties. There are very rich folk in this country donating over a million pounds to the Conservative party because it’s in their interests to keep the Conservatives in power.

    I would like to see all money taken out of politics and lobbyists for big business removed from politics. I would be happy if big business paid tax into the economy (making it stronger), I’d be happy with major banks been reigned in to stop them creating money, I’d be happy with your government if it stopped redistributing wealth to southern councils and away from the towns like Bury, I’d be happy with a devolution of power from London and see people in Bury looking after Bury matters, I’d be happy with you not wanting to get ‘Crackin’ with Fracking in Bury (Even though NY State has no banned it), I’d be happy if you didn’t support state sanctioned murder, I’d be happy if you didn’t take the same line in policy as the Provisional IRA did when it game to creating martyrs for causes, I’d be happy if you answered questions put to you on this site in full instead of cherry picking bits out of questions (This is not a question, so I expect NO response), I’d be happy if the NHS wasn’t getting sold off, I’d be happy if there was transparency throughout government, I’d be happy if your profession stood up to the plate instead of blaming the other side (don’t worry both major parties are as bad as each other) but you certainly don’t help, I’d be happy if this country wasn’t embarrassed by the rise in food banks, I’d be happy if I stopped now (and breath)

    Cheers David

  2. Dear David, All I see at the moment is people very little having less but the people who made the world suffer (the bankers) are still rolling in money.
    Can something be done to bring people closer in monetary terms.
    I’m not just talking of a few pounds, I mean a few thousand for those on less than the living wage.
    I don’t believe I would be on a low income, in the long term, because I will always go out there and find some kind of work which will keep me as am used to.
    Some can’t do this and rely on others employing them.
    The best way of doing this is to bring back our manufacturing base, after all we invented most things in the world or played a part in doing.
    We also need jobs nearer to homes, as I have said before, so that workers can either walk or take a short bus ride to work and not have to finance a car.

    Awaiting your reply

    Les Nuttall

    1. Hi

      You imply by the use of the phrase ‘bring back our manufacturing base’ that we no longer manufacture things in this country. This is a myth which I hear constantly yet if you look even around Bury you will find lots of firms making things. Further a well paid job can just as easily be found in the services sector as in manufacturing although I entirely agree with you that we should do all we can to encourage manufacturing and the present government has done a great deal to encourage people not least with the increase in the numbers of new apprenticeships.


      1. Well there isn’t much left now.
        We lead in paper production & paper machine engineers. We had lots of cotton mills, sweet factories, shoe factories, furniture mills and suitcase manufacturers.
        I don’t think we have even ten percent of what we had.

        As for apprenticeships, the only real four or five year ones are out of the area such BAE or the likes. Also the wages are very low. An apprentice should start on half of a skilled persons wage as it was when I did mine. This should rise so that they are on full money once fully trained.

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