Rochester and Strood by-election

It is always disappointing when anyone decides to leave the Conservative Party, all the more so when it is a Conservative Member of Parliament. MP’s of various parties have changed parties for different reasons over the years. Very often they have chosen to remain in Parliament representing their new Party without asking the electorate whether they agreed. The last two MP’s who have decided for reasons of their own to leave the Conservative Party and join UKIP have both done the honourable thing and resigned their seats and put their new allegiance to the test in a by-election. I suspect that as in Clacton a few weeks ago the question that the voters in Rochester and Strood will be asking themselves is should an MP be penalised for doing the honourable thing and saying the people who elected him ‘ Look, I have changed parties do you still want me to represent you for the rest of this Parliament?’
That is a very different question to the one which people will be asking themselves at next year’s general election which will be Do we want a Labour Government under Ed Miliband or a Conservative one under David Cameron?

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4 thoughts on “Rochester and Strood by-election

  1. Went to a work reunion with 125 other souls on Tuesday – as a feeling in the group the Lib Dem voters seem to have disappeared. Nobody (broadly) believes a word Labour says (Tony Blair destroyed any possible belief, war in Iraq/Afghanistan/economy – Mr Milliband is even less credible). Mr Cameron, sorry he’s a posh boy. He doesn’t/hasn’t stood in a queue for anything – Health, Transport, education – you name it. A massive percentage of our tax that we pay on our private pensions which we bought from our taxed income goes to welfare/health and education – all of which are under massive strain. The two main parties have added at least 5 million extra people to use up our contributions at least in the last 7/10 years. The Scots seem to be doing very well out of their debates. We are watching what you (the Conservatives do.

  2. Another Tory twisting and squirming. You can’t fool the people with this pathetic rhetoric.

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